EVER since I can remember, I have been drawn to the Psalms. Beginning in my late teens, I would often pick up a guitar when reading my Bible, and music would arise from my time in prayer. It was here that I learned that all of my feelings were acceptable to God, and I did not need to hide any part of myself, no matter how inappropriate I would judge it to be. God, I realized, could handle all of me, and all the colourful shades of my prayers. Over 60 songs were birthed from my engagement with these ancient prayers, new music inspired from these old songs. This music is the expression of my life with God, and all the winding roads, valleys, and mountains that God and I have journeyed together.


​​The first album I recorded is called "Psalms for a Healing Heart,” and
emphasizes the emotions and prayers we may utter through our various
seasons of grief. This album contains the honest and unmasked
expression of pain alongside the trust in the God who heals us and
accompanies us throughout our valleys in this life. For in our journey with God, the Psalms teach us that both pain and faith can coexist.

My second album, "Psalms for a Hopeful Heart" captures the variety of
feelings we may have when we are waiting for God, when we are putting
our trust in God awaiting the dawn of a new day. Thanks to the extra work of my producer, Derek MacNeill, many of the songs are filled with rich and layered instrumentation. It is my hope that those listening to this music will find the courage and inspiration they need for their journey.

“Psalms for a Peaceful Heart” is my third album, revealing a heart that is at peace, understanding that in all seasons, God’s grace and love are shown. It is a heart that is secure, marvelling in the many ways God blesses us, sustains us, and brings us back home after we have lost our way. Even though we may not always see the love of God anchoring us in our journey, we can trust that we are always held by God no matter what comes our way.

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